August 6, 2010
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- ROES Retail New UI
- New Retail+ Add-On 
- Deep Link From Splash
- New Unit Pricing
- New Shipping Elements
- New Pager/Retail Plus Node Edit Controls
- New ROES DP2 Server 1.038

 August 2010 ROES Update
New ROES Retail/Retail+ Released
August 6, 2010
Announcing New ROES Retail With Retail+ Availability!
SoftWorks Systems is very excited to announce the official release of the New and Improved ROES Retail User Interface.  We believe that this new interface will make ordering even easier than before, while also including some very cool new features that your customers should enjoy.  This upgrade is a free conversion for existing ROES Retail labs.

We are also announcing today, an additional Add-on Module for ROES Retail labs, Retail +.  The two core features of Retail + are:
- A new set of free form product editing tools for the photographer or consumer.
- A new Saved orders feature for the photographer or consumer. 

To better illustrate the new UI and Retail +, we have created the following two videos for your review. 
New User Interface:
Requirements For Using New ROES Retail
New Shipping Elements:  Before you can use the new ROES Retail, you will need to add the new Shipping Elements to your catalogs in each templates file (described below).  The Shipping choices are step 1 in the Checkout pane, so orders cannot complete without these present.  Once you have set up your Shipping elements, you can delete shipping option in Order Options.
Order Options single columns:  To take advantage of the new review pane spacing, be sure to set ui_columns on your Order Options to 1.
Payment types:  At least one payment type is required, such as 'Charge to lab account'.  If no pay types are present - a very small number of launches - we will add a lab account option that will be the only one for selection (it is assumed this is how you are currently accepting orders now, from customers with accounts billed per their account agreements). 
There are a number of changes needed to the launch startup here, so when you have created your Shipping element sets please allow us time to modify the configuration files and test (having the new Shipping present will not have any effect in the current interface, but don't delete your current shipping options until the conversion occurs). We already have a lot of requests in so please bear with us as we perform the requested migrations of test clients first, then live clients when you are ready.
New ROES Retail - Splashtip Display With Deep Linking
The ROES Retail's opening home screen is dominated by the splashtip area, so you must have one to fill this area in.  The splashtip text value in the templates file will ideally be an html file that will be stretched to fit the area used by the splash pane when the new ROES Retail is started.  It will always appear at startup or when the home pane is selected in the program.  In the splash page you can now set up deep links directly to products using the u_id values of the catalog, template group(s) and template, as <a href="roes://Standard/Basic/Layflat" target="_blank">.  In this example, Standard has been set as the u_id of the catalog, Basic as the u_id of th e desired template group, LayFlat as the u_id of the desired template or book to open.  You can see a sample of this page at  After opening the page, right click and choose to view the source to see the setup in a text editor.
New ROES Retail - New Shipping ElementShipping Methods (new Retail only)
The new ROES Retail has a separate segment for Shipping in the checkout pane.  These new selections are added via the Template Tool and will need to be present to complete orders in the new ROES Retail interface.  There is a new Shipping element that should be added in each catalog, with Shipping Method elements added off of it for each ship method you wish to offer.  The Shipping Methods will work the same as a current option used as shipping does in Order Options - tiered pricing with tiertype threshhold and uses values all apply.  A sample templates file with the new shipping setup can be downloaded at, and a video demonstrating how to build this out can be found at  Once you have added the new Shipping into a catalog and are ready for conversion, delete the shipping options in Order Options, and then set the ui_columns attribute directly on Order Options to 1 (Click on Order Options and select from the Add Attribute list).
New Report Macros - Shipping Methods
NOTE:  reporting for the below macros are only in newer versions of the ROES Server.  For ROES Stand Alone Server, an exit and restart should download the latest update if needed.  For ROES DP2 Server, please install version 1.038b4 from
The new shipping methods can be listed in your reports using the following macros:
[SHIPPING_ID] - The "id" attribute of the selected shipping method
[SHIPPING_LABEL] - The "label" attribute of the selected shipping method
[SHIPPING_TOTAL_PRICE] - The "totalprice" attribute of the selected shipping method
A typical report line for usage could be:  Shipping:  [SHIPPING_LABEL]    [SHIPPING_TOTAL_PRICE]
New Pager/Retail+ Node Editing
The Pager/Retail Plus modules have new control points for node resizing, movement, and rotation.  These control points are set as dots along the node bounds and 2 points on a centered bar inside the node.  The points on the node bounds are for resizing the node, set in each corner and the center of each side.  The center control bar has a top point for rotating the node and a bottom point for dragging the node to a new location within the template.
New Pager/Retail+ Control Attributes - pagerdecoratable/pagermovable
There are 2 new attributes to allow for better node controls within the Pager/Retail Plus when pagereditable is set to true on a template.  The pagermovable attribute can be set on a node to false to prevent the node from being resized or moved within the template.  Common usage would be on a full size background node that you don't want resized or moved but can get a fill color from the Pager/Retail Plus tools.  The control points will have a red hue to them to indicate movement is not available in the ROES Client.  The pagerdecoratable attribute can be added on a node and set to false to still allow movement within the template (based on pagereditable true at the template level) but prevent the decoration tools (stroke, shadow, etc.) from being utilized on the node.  The node bounds lines will have a red outline t o them to indicate this in the ROES Client.
Unit Pricing
ROES supports unit pricing, where multiple templates can be assigned the same tiered pricing scheme and allow volume discounts to apply to all products set with a specific unitu_id value.  The Unit element should be added inside a catalog, at the same level as Order Options and Image Options (not inside a template group).  The attributes price, unitu_id and u_id should be present on Unit, with tiertype as an option and set to graded.  On the templates, set attributes unitquantity and unitu_id.  The unitu_id should match the unitu_id for the specific Unit element this template should get pricing from, and the unitquantity should be set to at least 1.  If offering half-units, set the unitquan tity value on them to 1 and the full units to 2, and adjust the price value on the Unit element to be for half-units, which will be doubled for each full unit.  A sample templates file with the new shipping setup can be downloaded at, and a video demonstrating how to build this out can be found at
ROES Support Site/ROES Forum -
The new ROES Support site is live at, with pages for common issues, fixes, a technical update archive and videos page.  The new ROES Forum is hosted there as well as a place to share ideas and thoughts regarding ROES.  Feel free to sign up for an id to access the site (this is to prevent spammers).
For past update messages and reminders, please visit ht tp://


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