January 2007  - Template Tool Changes, DP2Server Update, PMA 


An updatedROES Template Tool  has been released today that includesseveral new features and attributes, and a new ROES DP2 Serverversion, 1.034, is available for download and install.  Details on theseare below.  An updated ROES Client will be available soon offering severalnew functions, including a new promocode attribute, text rotation for Clientdisplay of vertical text, and the ability to use options to increase aproduct's price by a percentage.  These will be detailed in anothermessage, along with information on the new Records add-on for Schools andSports and the new Get Web Images feature for use with ROES Retail.


PMA2007 is rightaround the corner, just over 6 weeks away, with the show running March 8ththrough the 11th.  SoftWorks Systems will be in booth K230/232!  Wehope to see you in Las Vegas during the week!


TemplateTool Changes     


NewFind Feature! 

Availablevia the Edit menu, Find allows you to search for values of Attributes and evenreplace them when found.  Values of id's, u_id's, labels, and even jobtextentries are scanned.


NewLock Icon

If youare using an encrypted templates file, a lock icon will appear next to thefile name to indicate the protected file.


GetWeb Images Servlet Link

InPreferences, a new field has been added below the templates encryption passwordto enter the URL of your Get Web Images servlet for hosting images to beviewed/ordered from in the ROES Retail Client.


New MergeOption

Templatesfiles worked on by different people at your lab can now be mergedtogether.  If one file is opened in Template Tool, you can drag and dropthe second file onto the templates tree.  Instead of the usual "Doyou want to replace..." dialog a new selection window will appear toReplace the existing file in use or Merge the 2 files together.


AttributesListed Alphabetically

Attributeslisted in the center pane will now always be alphabetized for easier searchingand organization.


Right-clicking ona tree element in the Templates Tool will bring up a contextual menu thathas several new items:



Thisreplaces the 'Copy Node id to u_id' selection in the list.  A new windowwill pop up upon selection, with defaults set to copy id to u_id, with a dropdown menu for what to affect (template, node, link, etc.).  This can beused primarily for the node id to u_id function or duplication of otherattribute values as needed.


Copyu_id's to Clipboard

This newfunction is best used when needing to set up options to be turned off viadisableu_id.  For example, you may offer 5 retouching levels in amultiple choice list with other image services, but only want one of these 5 toever be selected.  Add disableu_id on the first option, then highlight theother 4, right-click on the selected area and choose Copy u_id's toClipboard.  Then select the first option again, click in the disableu_idfield and select Edit - Paste to drop all of the u_id's from the other 4 itemsin as the values.  These will appear as a comma separated list in thefield.


CreateLink for Item

This is ashortcut to creating Links in the templates file.  Instead of clicking Add- Link and then looking up the u_id needed to list, you canright-click on the option and select Create Link for Item.  A Link willappear with the needed u_id listed, which can then be dragged/dropped orcut/pasted to the desired location.



Thefollowing attributes listed are for ROES Stand Alone Server useonly: 


printersurface - for use with Noritsu MP1600integration.

printerchannel - for use with Noritsu MP1600integration.

preferredqueue - added on the product toassign the queue in the Stand Alone Server.

outputrender - can be used for extraproduct nodes with nodeimages that should not be rendered, such as walletdiecut guides.  Should be set to false. 


ROES DP2Server Update

The newROES DP2 Server v.1.034 is available via our downloadspage at  www.softworksroes.com/ROES/DP2_Server/Server.zip. This download includes the server install and User's Guide.  Updates inthis server version:    


-  Updatedreorder support within DP2.

-  Resolvedissue where the server may attempt to process 0k size files.

-  Thestate of the preview queue is preserved out to disk when shutting down so thatyou do not have to wait for all the queued commands to complete before you areable to quit.

- There is a new tab labeled "Subject Info." that  can be setto feed data from Records into DP2.

- All available (ready/completed their transfer) orders are gathered up andsorted by date/time and processed in order of oldest to most recent. 

-  Reportingupdates for options and Image Summary.

-  Resolutionof the 'Symbols table' errors with ROES and DP2 (with thanks to Tom A. atKodak).





NewAttribute: rotationallowed  

Thisattribute can be added on a template and set to false to disable theRotate Layout button.  


Attribute withLinknodes: stripextension

When usedon a text node that has been linked to an image node node viaLinknodes, the file name appearing in the image node will be listedwithout the file extension.



Thisattribute can prevent users from creatingmultiple text lines where a single line is desired.  Adding newlines setto false will force just single line entry into the node; coupled with thecharacterlimit attribute can allow you to control the amount of text each nodereceives for better rendering.


Changeto autorotate  Attribute

Theautorotate attribute in Template Tool, when set to true, will activate theAutorotate button on the pro toolbar.  After being turned on, the buttonwill remain selected until it is manually de-selected or a product with afalse flag is chosen.




Be sureto add the addenabled attribute on multi-image proof sheets (set to true)and informational/advertisement products used as the first template in a group(set to false).  For the proof sheets it will allow customers to add theitem to an order with empty nodes (whereas before they had to hold the ALTor OPT key to Add with Empty).  For the informational items it willprevent the item from being added and causing an error upon receipt at thelab. 


Usetooltips on products 

If youwant to be able to convey additional information about aproduct to studios, try adding an attribute of tooltip to theitem and enter text you want them to see pop-up when they mouse over the productin the Sizes palette.  This could be used to add reminders to lookat mounting, sprays and other upsell options, to inform customers ifan item is Pager editable, or available quantity discounts.


ImageNames Can Be Linked Into Text Nodes

You canuse Linknodes in a composite product to create a text entry of an image nameinto a text node upon adding the image to the matching image node.  Forexample, a 6 up proof sheet starting with node id/u_id of 10000 for thefirst image node and node id/u_id of 10006 as the first text node youwould add Linknodes to the product for each pair of nodes to connect and enterthe u_id's as 10000,10006 in the field provided.  If the nodes do not haveu_id's, simply highlight all of the nodes in the product, then right-click andselect Copy node id to u_id. 


Linknodesupdate: Linking text nodes 

You canuse Linknodes to duplicate text entered in one node to another textnode(s).  This can be handy for trader cards where a player name, team oryear may be entered more than once, especially when displaying the front andback of the card as one item via a DP2 Package.  Remember when usingLinknodes that all nodes in the product must have u_id's assigned.