May 10, 2007

Today we have released an updatedROES Client that adds a number of new attributes and features, detailedbelow.  This release updates the default text seen in the ROES Clientfor various instructions and dialog windows for operation with Java 1.6. The holding window also now reads as 'Loading catalog' instead of 'LoadingTemplates and Images'.  The current Template Tool launch has the newattributes listed below in the selection lists as well as the Help - Helpwindow displaying definitions.   


Reminder: ROES USER GROUP(RUG) Meeting - June 18th and 19th, 2007 - Rochester, NY

Please be sure to let us know whofrom your lab will be attending this year's meeting if you haven'talready.  The RUG willbegin approximately 1PM on Monday, June 18th, 2007 at theRochester Hyatt in Rochester, NY and conclude approximately 4:30PMon Tuesday, June 19th.  We look forward to seeing you there!


New/Updated Client Attributes andFeatures 

New Attribute: disableu_idonorder

Using this attribute on a productand adding that product to an order you can disable another product ornumber of products.  Simply list the u_id's of the products to be disabledin the attribute's value and they will be disabled in the Sizes palette andmenu upon adding the first product to the order.  This is useful inforcing customers to only order a single proof or print size per orderor a single album cover page per order.

New Attribute: clearonaddtoorder

When added to a product, thisattribute will clear the image(s) from the item when it is added to the order.

New Attribute: taxable

For use on Order Options, if set totrue or false will determine whether or not the option should be subject tosales tax calculations.

New Feature: Local Fonts inPager 

Pager now offers a new fontoption!  If activated, Pager will show a Font button using local system fonts at the studioand render these as images, including the ability to shadow the textafter selecting one of the available fonts for use.  The node will betransferred back as an image node and rendered in the ROES Stand Alone Serveror updated version of the ROES DP2 Server, available at (thisis not a formal server release but will be shortly).  Please contactus to activate the new Pager Font button in your ROES Client.   

Credit Card Authorization in ROES

Customer credit cards can beauthorized in ROES prior to order completion and transmission.  We haveintegrations with several authorizers in use already:  PayFlow Pro(, system formerly owned by Verisign); PayFuse XML (;;GoEMerchant XML (;and USA ePay (

Credit Card WindowConfigurability

The newer credit card window can beconfigured to alter field names, have an additional field added if neededfor extra security codes, and/or remove the shipping address area along withthe 'Use billing as shipping' checkbox. 



New Attributes/Function: promocode/code/discount - You can now have an Order Option thatprompts for a promotional code to be entered in a needs_text line.  Theu_id of the option used for entry MUST be promocode and there are 3 attributesneeded: needs_text for the user entry, code for the value of the promo code(s)that the text entry must match exactly, and discount for the amount to charge,i.e. .90 for a 10% discount on the order.  To utilize multiplepromotional codes, simply use comma delimited lists in the code and discountfields, where code could have value of 1234,2345,3456 and discount couldhave value of .9,.75,.5 for 10% off, 25% off and 50% off for the 3 codesrespectively.  The number of delimited entries must match between the codeand discount fields (5 in each, 10 in each, etc.).

New Attribute: pricemultiplier and priceminimum - pricemultiplier can be set onan option with a value of true along with a price attribute whose values can beused to add a percentage to the product it is being applied to (i.e., 1.20 inprice to add a 20% increase for printing an item on metallic paper).  Thisallow you to only alter the prices of the products themselves and notadditional options the totalpricemultiplier takes into account, like retouchingservices, mounting, or sprays.  The priceminimum attribute can be addedonto options with pricemultiplier to set a mandatory minimum charge for theselected option and override the percentage calculation if greater.  Usingthe previous example, this would work as pricemultiplier set to true, price setto 1.20 for a 20% add-on to the product and priceminimum of 1.00 so that itwill always add at least $1.00 to the item price if the option is selected andthe 20% value is less than 1.00. 

New Attribute: hidden - For use on an Option, this can beused to hide an option you have set to mandatory for the purpose of disablinganother option.  For example, you offer an option set on an entire groupto convert the image color, but one one template in the group you wish forthere to be no color options.  On the one item, add an option set with mandatoryand hidden attributes set to true on the parent, and disableu_id added onthe sub or child option.  Add the u_id of the image color as the value,and when the one item is selected the image color option will be disabledwithout the new option showing as selected by default.

Drop Shadows of pre-existingnodes - Pager cannow add drop shadows to pre-existing image nodes that are part of yourtemplates in addition to Pager-added image nodes.  Please adviseif you would like this feature turned on as it is currently optional.  You should also be running the latestversion of the ROES DP2 Server, 1.034, or the newer March2007 version of the Stand Alone Server, to properly process these. 

Updated Attribute:totalpricemultiplierchanges - The totalpricemultiplierattribute is added directly on an overridesadd off an OrderOption.  This calculation will now be pre-tax and also can be before anyshipping amount, if the u_id of the Shipping option being selected starts withshipping (i.e. u_id's of shipping_usps, shipping_ground, shipping_2ndday,etc.) .

Updated Attribute - needs_text - You can now require an entry inthis field by leaving the value in Template Tool blank.  For template& item options, the Add to Order button will be disabled, just like when animage node isn't filled on a product. For an Order Option, the user isblocked with a dialog telling them to fill in some text.

Updated Attribute - needs_file -  When an option with needs file is selected, the Client will not allowthe order to complete unless a file has been attached to the order.  Adialog box informing the studio that a file is needed will pop up.

New Preference: Remember lastfolder between launches - This preference (selected by default), if unchecked, will clear thelast used thumbnails folder for Presenter, Records, and main client.  This is ideal for large proofingenvironments.  

Wider pane dividers - The pane dividers in the mainclient area and Presenter are wider now, allowing easier access to thecollapse/expand arrows.

New Credit Card Window Report Macros - The ROES Pro and Retail Clientshave a new credit card entry window across the board (for standard card datacollection and immediate e-payments), with all fields required.  Selectionof the Use Bill To Address for Shipping Address will collapse the shippingaddress areas, so no entry will be required.

This new window also has new reportmacros to be used:



rotationallowed Attribute

This attribute can be added ona template and set to false to disable the Rotate Layout button.  

Attribute withLinknodes: stripextension

When used on a text node that hasbeen linked to an image node node via Linknodes, the file name appearingin the image node will be listed without the file extension.  Rememberwhen using Linknodes that all nodes in the product must have u_id's assigned 

newlines Attribute

This attribute can prevent users from creatingmultiple text lines where a single line is desired.  Adding newlines setto false will force just single line entry into the node; coupled with thecharacterlimit attribute can allow you to control the amount of text each nodereceives for better rendering. 

Changeto autorotate Attribute

The autorotate attribute in Template Tool, when set to true, willactivate the Autorotate button on the pro toolbar.  After being turned on,the button will remain selected until it is manually de-selected or aproduct with a false flag is chosen. 

addenabled Attribute

Be sure to add the addenabledattribute on multi-image proof sheets (set to true) andinformational/advertisement products used as the first template in a group (setto false).  For the proof sheets it will allow customers to add the itemto an order with empty nodes (whereas before they had to hold the ALT orOPT key to Add with Empty).  For the informational items it will preventthe item from being added and causing an error upon receipt at the lab.  

Use tooltips on products 

If you want to be able to conveyadditional information about a product to studios, try addingan attribute of tooltip to the item and enter text you want them to seepop-up when they mouse over the product in the Sizes palette.  This couldbe used to add reminders to look at mounting, sprays and other upselloptions, to inform customers if an item is Pager editable, or availablequantity discounts.

Image Names Can BeLinked Into Text Nodes

You can use Linknodes in a compositeproduct to create a text entry of an image name into a text node upon addingthe image to the matching image node.  For example, a 6 up proof sheetstarting with node id/u_id of 10000 for the first image node and nodeid/u_id of 10006 as the first text node you would add Linknodes to theproduct for each pair of nodes to connect and enter the u_id's as 10000,10006in the field provided.  If the nodes do not have u_id's, simply highlightall of the nodes in the product, then right-click and select Copy node id tou_id.  Remember when using Linknodesthat all nodes in the product must have u_id's assigned

Linknodes update: Linking textnodes 

You canuse Linknodes to duplicate text entered in one node to another textnode(s).  This can be handy for trader cards where a player name, team oryear may be entered more than once, especially when displaying the front andback of the card as one item via a DP2 Package.  Remember when usingLinknodes that all nodes in the product must have u_id's assigned.