October6, 2005


Lateyesterday we released an update for the ROES Client.  An explanationof the new features/attributes in the client software are below, along with afew ROES DP2 Server related scripts/macros plus reminders and other tips. First, 2 support alerts:


Order transmissions via ftp failing with 'broken pipe' error

Wehave encountered several issues the last few days with failedorder transmissions.  In each case, the roeslog file has shown aconsistent disconnect after a certain file size, usually 16384 bytes (in somecases 65536 bytes) occurring with a broken pipe error.  It seemsto be fairly consistent with Linksys routers that may have received afirmware update that failed to take properly.  In most cases, re-runningthe firmware update manually from within the router'sbrowser-based interface resolved the issue.  In a few instances,just powering down the router has restored full capabilities.  We havealso seen this with Netgear ADSL routers where a firmware update was the onlyresolution.


Images pulled into the ROES Client darkening during rendering in a product

While itis only occasionally reported, we continue to see the behavior of imagesseverely darkening upon being added to a product in the ROES Client. In most cases the image's colorspace is something other than standard sRGB,however what has become apparent is that the issue only occurs with Java 1.5versions.  Java 1.4 appears to handle the same images just fine, so if astudio reports this have them remove Java 1.5 and launch the ROES Client fromyour web site's link.  This will prompt for our default install of Java,which is still version 1.4.2_09-b05.  This last 1.4 release (aswell as earlier 1.4 versions) seems to ignore the non-standard colorspaceand is very stable, so they will be able to bring the same image into ROES andrender it in a product.



New ROES Client Features/Attributes:



Pager Text Entry

Textentry in Pager in a rotated layout no longer requires the product to snap to azero degree rotation.


Autosave Update

TheAutosave feature will automatically switch to the correct catalogwhen opening a saved file.


New sizespaletteicons attribute

Theability to view just radio buttons for products in the Sizes palette has been availableonly as a universal setting in the client launch configuration.  Now,using this new attribute in the Template Tool, when viewed in the Sizes paletteyou can set your template folders to either display the standard icons or usesimple radio buttons to select a product.  For instance, on yourbasic print sizes you can set sizespaletteicons to false and have them displayas just radio buttons, while leaving your memory mates and greeting cardsdisplaying the full icons with the preview images.


Use of ui_columns - More!

Theui_columns attribute can be used on product/template folders andon option lists.  Now, you can also use ui_columns on the template andnode areas within PagerTools, to better utilize the space provided for these todisplay in below the thumbnail area. 


New Select All option in thumbnail pane

A newmenu option to select all thumbnails displayed from a folder selection will nowappear upon right-clicking in the thumbnail pane. This function was previously only available as a hotkey combo,Control/Command-A. 



ROES DP2 Server Scripts/Macros available:



Exportimages Scripts

TheExportImages scripts for DP2 v7 and DP2 v6.1.46 are both available from the website at www.softworkssystems.com/Downloads.htm .


RollFrameForNodemacro to alleviate 'none' entries in the image designation

We have aDP2 macro available for use at the lab to remove the 'none' designation thatcan be returned when printing image names on proof pages and such. It is available for download from the web site at www.softworkssystems.com/Downloads.htm.


Macro to remove ROES-added image indices

A DP2 macrois available to remove the image indices added at the client (the -1, -2,etc. added to the image name).  It is available for download from theweb site at www.softworkssystems.com/Downloads.htm.




4GBmax to zip 

A reminder- there is a limit of 4GB of data for a zip file, anything larger will begin tooverwrite the data directory structure.  Please advise yourclients to keep their orders a reasonable size - this will help in betterdata transmission in addition to data integrity.



Be sureto add the addenabled attribute on multi-image proof sheets (set to true)and informational/advertisement products used as the first template in a group(set to false).  For the proof sheets it will allow customers to add theitem to an order with empty nodes (whereas before they had to hold the ALTor OPT key to Add with Empty).  For the informational items it willprevent the item from being added and causing an error upon receipt at the lab.


Encrypted and zipped templates files

Many labshave already started using encrypted templates, remember that the encryptionpassword must match the order file password used in the server.  You donot need to use zipped templates files if encrypting, the process will compressthem upon conversion to the .xml.enc file.  Youcan also save the templates file as a zip file from within the TemplateTool to avoid using a 3rd party zip utility.  


New access to Sizes and Options palettes 

Asoptions and sizes listings have grown, occasionally setting expanded=false onseveral option sets isn't enough to get the pop-up menu on the screenenough.  Now holding down the ALT or OPT key and clickingon the Sizes or Options buttons will bring up the respectivepalette window.  


Pager Quick Start Guide

The PagerQuick Start Guide is available for your customers at www.softworkssystems.com/Pager%20Quick%20Start.htm. This will assist them in getting through the basics of the Pager and will beupdated as needed.