April 27, 2012
ROES Client Update
An updated ROES Client will be released for all launches on May 1, 2012, version 7.5.39.  While a number of labs are already running this version or a recent v7.5 edition, many are still on the older version 6.12.80.  The newer codebase has been streamlined to have fewer jar resources needed, support for Java 7, better tax calculations, and credit card data encryption as well as a number of newer features and functions.  Those labs already running version 7.5 or higher ROES versions will not see much in the way of changes during this release.
ROES Server Needs
Please verify you are running a newer edition of the ROES Server.  For the ROES Stand Alone Server, this will be version 12.04.26 or later (the version is the date in yy.mm.dd format).  For the ROES DP2 Server, this will be version 1.038 (non-beta) and higher, with installs found at http://www.softworkssystems.com/support/downloads.phpNOTE:  Running a newer ROES Server is important for proper decryption of the credit card data for reports and live credit card charges via ROES Retail through the ROES Servers.
Taxrates Files - Zip
If you are using a taxrates file, the taxrates files must be in .zip files now instead of .xml.  For many labs we have already changed this and in some cases are hosting it ourselves, but please verify your current file type if you use one and send us the updated .zip link if needed.
Java Update Issue - ROES Client Fails to Update Properly
We have found that both the ROES Server and Client have been failing to properly update the codebase from the desktop icon in Windows XP and in Vista/Win 7 under certain circumstances.  This is due to a Java bug that appeared after Java 6 update 22, where any space in the Java cache path caused the cached launch code to be used still.  In Windows XP, this generally means all systems, since every user path starts with 'C:\Documents and Settings' and will likely fail.  In Windows 7 and Vista, the default path is in C:\Users, however any user login name that has a space, such as 'Lab Server', could see this issue as well.  This bug has finally been fixed in Java 7 update 3, available from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre-7u3-download-1501631.html.  The ROES Client update being pushed out on the first works fine with Java 7 (again, a good number of labs are already on the later 7.5 versions so will not have much in the way of changes to their ROES).  For customers, they can update to Java 7 update 3 or clear ROES from the Java cache, then run from your web site link to get a fresh ROES install and the latest version.
New Features and Functions
New Controls for Pager/Retail+
When in edit mode in Pager or Retail+, there are new drag and rotate points in the center of the node.
New Attribute: required
The required attribute can be used in lieu of mandatory on an Option set's parent Option to enforce selection of a child Option in the set without pre-selecting one.  This can be useful in ROES Pro for shipping options or color correction choices, so that the customer is informed of the need to make a selection instead of possibly missing the pre-selected default via mandatory or skipping the Option set entirely.
Update for icon attribute
The icon attribute can be used for Templates and Options now to represent the product in a better visual for the customer.  This is useful for book or card products in Sizes and for Options like frames and wrap choices.
New Function Available - Blocking Characters in Text Nodes
In each specific ROES launch, we can define a list of characters to block from being used in a text node.  If you would like to enable this, simply send us a list of desired characters (tildes, brackets, pipes, apostrophes, quotes, etc.) along with which launches to define this on and we can add it in.
New Function - Hide 'Send All' Button in Retail
If desired we can remove the 'Send All' button and function from the Uploads pane in ROES Retail.
Change in Option Text Entry
In reviewing Options text entry, we found and received complaints that whenever longer Option labels appeared the boxes to enter text when needs_text or needs_textarea boxes were present forced them too far to the right.  In some cases, these were off the viewable pane and customers needed to scroll right just to see them.  The new format for these Options is to have the entry boxes underneath the Option labels, allowing them to be very clearly listed for entry and a standard length for each.
ROES Retail New UI
We are still in the process of converting ROES Retail labs to the new UI.  We intend to have all Retail launches converted by the end of May.
ROES Outsourced Integrations 
Artsy Couture - You can add outsourced production of Gallery Block products, seen at www.artsycouture.com, in your ROES Clients! These have been extremely popular and is a very simple integration to add to your product line.
Proven Pictures - Offer Press products such as albums, proof books, greeting cards and calendars through the ROES integration with Proven Pictures (www.provenpictures.com). A great way to add press printed items to your lab with out the capital expense, or augment your current press items with Proven's products.
Both Artsy Couture and Proven Pictures come in ready to use Catalogs that can be easily copied and pasted into your current templates file(s) for ordering. Integration is fast and easy, and each is a great way to add revenue without heavy expense. Please contact us to get started with either of these valuable integrations.