May 24, 2012
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ROES FTP Transfer Issues After Java 7 Updates In Windows Vista/Win 7 
May 24, 2012
Windows Vista/7 and Java 7 FTP Transfer Issues
There is an issue that has arisen with the formal wide release of Java 7 update 4 concerning FTP use and the Windows Firewall in Vista/Win 7.  When a user logs in to the FTP Server and requests a port address in Passive mode, the second the PASV request is sent Windows is terminating the connection (Active FTP may also be affected but we have not had full confirmation as it is lig htly used).  While it does not affect every system, there have been enough reports that this could grow widespread as more systems get Java updates.  At this time, Oracle has listed the issue as a bug in Windows and does not appear to be planning any changes.  Turning the Windows Firewall off or setting the stateful FTP filter off (using 'netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFTP disable' in a command window) is Oracle's suggested workaround.  They also recommend other transfer methods, which leads us to the best solution: our own ROES Transfer Protocol (RTP) order transmissions!
Our RTP Server application ( is the ideal replacement for FTP.  We have already migrated several labs to use it because of this issue affecting major clients, and newer ROES labs never see FTP, using RTP for their first orders. 
Please read over the page at for information on setting up the RTP Server. There are 2 ways to define using RTP for use in your ROES - via the launch configuration file hosted by us or by setting it in the templates file via Add - Configuration.  The external IP address can be defined after adding rtpuri via the Add Attribute button (be sure to delete all other attributes pertaining to FTP that appear or may be in use now).  Examples of use in Templates file can be found at (off root for all orders) and (rtpuri set per Catalog).
After setting up the RTP and opening the port pass-through in your firewall, it is best to do the first run via your test ROES Client.  Feel free to contact us to make the FTP-to-RTP change here, send a test order from outside your network, or answer any additional questions. < /span>
Security Apps Alert: Avast and AVG
We continue to get reports regarding these freeware security applications.  In some cases the ROES startup is blocked, in others the ROES order transmissions are blocked.  There is generally very little sure-fire recourse except to turn these applications off.  Depending on the version the custome r has there may be a place to set an exception for java.exe and javaw.exe, but in some cases their heuristics engines may still see behavior they think is bad and stop a connection.  While not endorsing any particular product/service, we really never hear issues regarding McAfee, Norton, or Kaspersky.
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