ROES Client Update 2/11/13

OS X Changes and Templates Files

ROES Client Update - Version 7.7.2
Changes for OS X Systems
General Client Release For All ROES Client Launches
Changes in this update, available now and going into wide release Monday, 2/11/13:
OS X Systems - Folder Browser Dialog Change
The update uses a simple Java file dialog to ensure universal folder browsing works across all Mac OS X and Java versions.
OS X Systems - External Browser Launch
Due to changes in Java 7 for OS X, we have updated the method used to call and open an external web browser for use via splashtip, order receipt/report, informational products and web cart links.
Templates Files Cannot Remain As Raw .XML
For those labs who still have templates files as just raw .xml files, for this update they will need to be changed to either .zip or encrypted (ending in .xml.enc or .zip.enc or just .enc). We strongly recommend going to the encrypted version, as our next edition of the Template Tool will require it. For now to save to .zip, select File - Save As and select the file name from the window dialog, then change the extension from .xml to .zip and save. The file will now be listed as just .zip.
To change to an encrypted file from .xml or .zip, first open the test templates file in Template Tool, then select File - Preferences. In the encryption password field, enter your order file password used in the ROES Server (they must be the same value, contact us for yours if you don't have it handy). Then select File and Save, and you will get an alert about the new file extension/name and end up with a file saved as .xml.enc or zip.enc. Upload this file to your web site next to the current xml or zip file (don't delete the current one yet), and let us know that it is on the web. We will change the test launch to pull the new file and see if it works OK in you r ROES. If all goes well, you can delete the xml or zip from the site.
If it fails, this will be due to the fact that the web server is not set to properly serve .enc file types. Your hosting company or web administrator will need to enter a MIME type for the enc file extension to be served as text/plain (where will depend on the web server type, you can just copy and paste this to them). Most web servers should be able to serve the new files properly, but we have a number of sites have this issue (this is why we have you do the test templates/launch first).
Once we know the test launch is working properly, you can do the same to the live templates file and let us know when that is uploaded with the xml.enc/zip.enc extension. We will change the link and test here. After this is done anyone running the Template Tool on any system to edit your templates file(s) will need to have the encryption password entered before you can open the file for editing, so please make your staff aware.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the above or if you would like to migrate to the new codebase before Monday.