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OS X Folder Dialog Question/

Templates File Not Updating


New OS X Folder Dialog
A few questions have arisen with the new browse dialog in OS X systems. The primary issues raised have been an inability to find desired folders, mounted drives and/or network drives. The new dialog has a single drop down folder at the top that generally defaults to the user's home folder, showing the folders for things like Applications, Documents, Downloads and Pictures. To browse to USB or network drives, use the drop down list to select the hard drive, which will be the lowest line in the list (it may be labeled as Mac HD, boot, Hard Disk, etc.).
Next, double-click on the Volumes folder and the available drives/devices should all be listed, as shown in the 2nd image below.
To get back to the desired home folder to get to Pictures, etc. from the hard drive us the top drop down list and select/open Users in the folder list, then the user name needed.
Templates File 'revision' Attribute
There have been several reports of templates files not showing changes in the ROES Client since the update last week. In each case this has been due to at least a single use of the Template Tool 'Beta' edition, in some cases from back in June during the RUG Meeting. An attribute called 'revision' appeared in the templates file after being opened and saved in the Beta Template Tool, and stayed throughout subsequent changes performed in the live Template Tool on the root/top element of the tree. The newer codebase looks for the revsion attribute as a means to define whether or not to download the file from the web or simply use what is in the .roescache. If the number found in the file in cache is equal to the number set in the one on the web, then no dowload will occur. If you see a revision attribute on your templates file, please delete it (ROES for iPad templates files excluded) or make sure to increment it one with every new change and sa ve to your templates file(s).