ROES​ Startup On OS X 10.8.3



As Mac OS X launch issues with ROES continue to be reported daily, please use the below as a guide for support concerning these events as they are reported to you.


As more new Mac systems are appearing, the first step is to make sure Java 7 (new Update 21 was released today) is truly installed from  A common mistake we have seen is that a user will download the Java installer .dmg file, execute it and think Java is installed.  Execution of the .dmg package merely unpacks the Java installer, which still needs to be run to actually install Java 7.  After the install is completed, a good check is to open System Preferences from the top left Apple icon and see if Java now appears in the list.


To start ROES, it is best to use the web site index page link to begin - for anyone updating from 10.6 or 10.7 the old desktop icons should be sent to Trash.  Due to recent updates Safari is no longer prompting to execute the launch.jnlp file from the index page start as it has in the past.  Firefox, from, is a much better option as it does pull down the launch.jnlp file and prompt to execute it in Java as expected.

We have seen Safari perform a quick auto-download of the launch.jnlp file, however it is quite fast and easily missed by the studio/customer.  Safari also has been storing these downloaded files in a cache folder, as opposed to the usual Downloads folder.  


For new Mac systems and those recently updated, the best and quickest method to start now when Safari is the browser is to have the customer right-click or hold the Control button down and click on the Direct launch: link on the index page, and choose Download Linked File As... from the list.  In most cases the save dialog will default to Documents, and the launch.jnlp should be saved there.  Starting ROES then should simply be a matter of opening Finder, selecting Documents and double-clicking on the launch.jnlp. 


These instructions are on the site, and have been added into the body of the index pages we host for each ROES launch to better assist the customers in starting.


As always, more information can be found at, and additional updates to these issues will be posted there as they arise.