September 5, 2007

Thisweek we have updates for the ROES Client, Template Tool, ROES DP2Server and Stand Alone Server that adds a number of new attributesand features, detailed below.  The Stand Alone Server update went outas a separate message, please advise if you didn't receive it. 


TheBooks mode for the ROES Client is still in process.  We expect to beoffering Books as a beta on your test client launches within a few weeks. ROES Order File

Thenew .ro ROES Order File format is in use and both ROES Servers, Stand Alone andDP2 v1.035, can process these.  The .ro format eliminates the 4GB orderfile limit imposed by using .zip files.  If you would like to start usingthis for your incoming orders, please let us know to make the change in yourROES Client (and be sure to be on one of the newer server versions). There is a new Sealer/Decryptor utility, called ROPack, available to unpackthese new files.  This Java application can be run Please use this once and set the shortcut to it on your desktop(s).  Note: Once using the .ro files, theFinished Orders will not be just .zip files that you can open and view certainparts, you will need to use the ROPack utility with your order filepassword (call, IM or e-mail if needed) to expand the .ro to a folderyou can browse through.


AsJava 1.6 has become more prevalent in Windows systems, please be advised thatthere are new ways to access the application cache viewer: 1)Via Windows Control Panel, select Java Control Panel and then View.. atthe lower right of the General tab; 2) Select Start - Run, type in javaws -viewerand press Enter/Click OK.  MAC OS X 10.4 still uses Java 1.5 or1.4.2, the next release of OS X will contain Java 1.6.


ROESDP2 Server Update

TheROES DP2 Server is now a final for 1.035 and can be downloaded via There are now download links for version 1.034 and 1.035, as 1.035 hasseveral functions for DP2 version 9.  Please also check your DP2 Serverversion, 9.076 is the latest.  The new ROES DP2 Server version requiresJava Runtime to be installed on the local system, as we have portedseveral functions to Java (mail, ready order file searches) from theDP2 workspace.  There is also a new ExportImages script for DP2 v9,please visit the Downloads page for the links.    

RAWImage Files From ROES to DP2 

TheROES Client and DP2 Server 1.035 now has a fully functional RAWworkflow.  Studios must shoot in RAW and JPG formats so that they have thesame files of each type. 

HTMLE-Mail Supported

The1.035 Server version can send HTML-based email confirmations.  A sampletemplate can be found


TemplateTool Update - Wednesday, 9/5/07

Cancelon Distribute Attribute/cancel add via closing X - In Distribute Attributedialog, a new Cancel button was added and clicking on the X to close thedialog will abort any changes as well.

SelectedNode Highlighting -Selecting a node in a product will cause it to be highlighted in blue inthe Preview area.

DP2Layoutfile Import Update - DP2 layouts dropped into the Template Tool will nowimport the following values for use in the Client: Tfont, Tstyle,Justification, Text, Tcolor, and Translucenttext.

TheTemplate Tool has the new attributes listed below in the selectionlists as well as the Help - Help window displaying definitions.


ClientNew/Updated Attributes and Features - Thursday, 9/5/07 

Updated Attributes/Function: promocode/code/discount - You can now have an Order Optionthat prompts for a promotional code to be entered in a needs_text line as either a percentage of theorder or a whole dollar amount.  The u_id of the option used for entry MUST bepromocode and there are 3 attributes needed: needs_text for the user entry,code for the value of the promo code(s) that the text entry must match exactly,and discount for the amount to calculate, i.e. .90 for a 10% discount onthe order or -10for a $10 discount (negative numbers will be looked at as a whole dollaramount to be taken off).  To utilize multiple promotional codes,simply use comma delimited lists in the code and discount fields, where codecould have value of 1234,2345,3456 and discount could have value of.9,.75,-20 for 10% off, 25% off and $20 off for the 3 codesrespectively.  The number of delimited entries must match between the codeand discount fields (5 in each, 10 in each, etc.).

Updated:newlines Attribute

Thisattribute has been updated to define the number of lines that can be created ina text node using Enter.  Itcan prevent users from creating multiple text lines where a single line isdesired by setting the value to 1 (no changes will be needed, current listingsof false will be set to 1).  Adding newlines set to 1 will force justsingle line entry into the node; coupled with the characterlimit attribute canallow you to control the amount of text each node receives for better rendering. For taller nodes (on a greeting card, for instance), you can set newlines to 2or 3 to allow more freedom but still restrict the client from adding too manylines.

NewAttribute: rotation- The rotation attribute can be used on a text node to alter theappearance of text in the node, ideally for vertical textrepresentations.  Use 90 and -90 for values to make horizontal textread down or up in the ROES Client.

NewAttribute: fitallowed - The fitallowed attribute can be added on anode and set to false to disable the ability to fit an image instead ofcropping.

NewAttribute: unlockonaddtoorder - The unlockonaddtoorder attribute can beset to true on a node to clear image lock on add to order (i.e. to allow acustomer to drop a new image into the background field they have locked toprevent it from being overwritten in a mass drop of images).

EditItem/Delete Item labels in Review - The Edit and Delete functions in the Review Orderwindow can have labels on them to more formally show their functions. Please contact us to add these labels.

DualRotation Buttons For Rotate Image/Rotate Layout - The dual buttons for rotating indifferent directions can be added to replace the single button for each,eliminating the need to use the ALT/OPT keys to change directions for rotationof a template or image.  This can be very helpful for better logoinsertion, particularly for Fuji PIC Pro.



NewAttributes/Shipping Weight Calculation Function: uses and 'weight' 

Usingthese new attributes, the total of weight values can be used to apply a pricebased on a tiered format.  Each product and option can be given anattribute of weight with a numeric value as a weight measurement (.5 on a 4x5,1 on an 8x10, 2 on a 16x20 for instance).  On an Order Option such asshipping, add attribute of uses and list weight as the value.  Then set atiered price format and add tiertype set to graded, with the break points foreach tier being the sum of the weight values added.  For example basicground shipping might always be 4.50, then a next tier at weight value of 30 is5.95, and weight value of 100 is 9.95, the shipping option for basic groundwould have attribute of uses with weight as its' value and each product andmounting option would have a weight attribute set to a particular value forthat item.  The price attribute of ground shipping would be1,4.50,30,5.95,100,9.95 and keep going up from there.  If you offerfree shipping after a certain order size you set the price tier to be 0.00 onceit gets over that weight amount.  If you calculate shipping charges basedon order price you simply use price as the uses value, and have the tieredpricing reflect the shipping on each order amount (Item optionsprices count while Image Options do not).

UpdatedFunction: Edit/Sort in Review Order

The abilityto double click on the thumbnail of an order item in Review has beenrestored.  Drag and Drop to re-sort items still works as well, however thedrag must start to the right of the order item thumbnail image.

NewAttribute: disableu_idonorder

Usingthis attribute on a product and adding that product to an order you candisable another product or number of products.  Simply list the u_id's ofthe products to be disabled in the attribute's value and they will be disabledin the Sizes palette and menu upon adding the first product to the order. This is useful in forcing customers to only order a single proof or print sizeper order or a single album cover page per order.

NewAttribute: clearonaddtoorder

Whenadded to a product, this attribute will clear the image(s) from the item whenit is added to the order.

NewAttribute: taxable

Foruse on Order Options, if set to true or false will determine whether or not theoption should be subject to sales tax calculations.

New Feature:Local Fonts in Pager 

Pagernow offers a new font option!  If activated, Pager will show a Fontbutton using local system fontsat the studio and render these as images, including the abilityto shadow the text after selecting one of the available fonts foruse.  The node will be transferred back as an image node and rendered inthe ROES Stand Alone Server or updated version of the ROES DP2 Server,available at (thisis not a formal server release but will be shortly).  Please contactus to activate the new Pager Font button in your ROES Client.   

CreditCard Authorization in ROES

Customercredit cards can be authorized in ROES prior to order completion andtransmission.  We have integrations with several authorizers in usealready:  PayFlow Pro (, system formerly owned by Verisign);PayFuse XML (;; GoEMerchant XML(; and USA ePay (

CreditCard Window Configurability

Thenewer credit card window can be configured to alter field names, have anadditional field added if needed for extra security codes, and/or removethe shipping address area along with the 'Use billing as shipping' checkbox.

NewAttribute: pricemultiplier and priceminimum - pricemultiplier can be set on an option with a valueof true along with a price attribute whose values can be used to add apercentage to the product it is being applied to (i.e., 1.20 in price to add a20% increase for printing an item on metallic paper).  This allow you toonly alter the prices of the products themselves and not additional options thetotalpricemultiplier takes into account, like retouching services, mounting, orsprays.  The priceminimum attribute can be added onto options withpricemultiplier to set a mandatory minimum charge for the selected option andoverride the percentage calculation if greater.  Using the previousexample, this would work as pricemultiplier set to true, price set to 1.20 fora 20% add-on to the product and priceminimum of 1.00 so that it will always addat least $1.00 to the item price if the option is selected and the 20%value is less than 1.00.

NewAttribute: hidden -For use on an Option, this can be used to hide an option you have set tomandatory for the purpose of disabling another option.  For example, youoffer an option set on an entire group to convert the image color, but one onetemplate in the group you wish for there to be no color options.  On theone item, add an option set with mandatory and hidden attributes set to true onthe parent, and disableu_id added on the sub or child option.  Addthe u_id of the image color as the value, and when the one item is selected theimage color option will be disabled without the new option showing asselected by default.

DropShadows of pre-existing nodes - Pager can now add drop shadows to pre-existingimage nodes that are part of your templates in addition to Pager-addedimage nodes.  Please advise if you would like this feature turned onas it is optional.  You shouldalso be running the latest version of the ROES DP2 Server, 1.034, or thenewer March 2007 version of the Stand Alone Server, to properly processthese. 

UpdatedAttribute: totalpricemultiplier changes - The totalpricemultiplier attribute is addeddirectly on an overridesadd off an Order Option.  Thiscalculation will now be pre-tax and also can be before any shipping amount, ifthe u_id of the Shipping option being selected starts with shipping (i.e.u_id's of shipping_usps, shipping_ground, shipping_2ndday, etc.) .

UpdatedAttribute - needs_text - You can now require an entry inthis field by leaving the value in Template Tool blank.  For template& item options, the Add to Order button will be disabled, just like when animage node isn't filled on a product. For an Order Option, the user isblocked with a dialog telling them to fill in some text.

UpdatedAttribute - needs_file - When an option with needs file isselected, the Client will not allow the order to complete unless a file hasbeen attached to the order.  A dialog box informing the studio that a fileis needed will pop up.

NewPreference: Remember last folder between launches - This preference (selected bydefault), if unchecked, will clear the last used thumbnails folder forPresenter, Records, and main client.  Thisis ideal for large proofing environments.  

Widerpane dividers - Thepane dividers in the main client area and Presenter are wider now, allowingeasier access to the collapse/expand arrows.

NewCredit Card Window ReportMacros - The ROESPro and Retail Clients have a new credit card entry window across the board(for standard card data collection and immediate e-payments), with all fieldsrequired.  Selection of the Use Bill To Address for Shipping Address willcollapse the shipping address areas, so no entry will be required.

Thisnew window also has new report macros to be used:




Thisattribute can be added on a template and set to false to disable theRotate Layout button.  

Changeto autorotate Attribute

Theautorotate attribute in Template Tool, when setto true, will activate the Autorotate button on the pro toolbar.  Afterbeing turned on, the button will remain selected until it is manuallyde-selected or a product with a false flag is chosen. 


Besure to add the addenabled attribute on multi-image proof sheets (set totrue) and informational/advertisement products used as the first template in agroup (set to false).  For the proof sheets it will allow customers to addthe item to an order with empty nodes (whereas before they had to hold theALT or OPT key to Add with Empty).  For the informational items it willprevent the item from being added and causing an error upon receipt at thelab. 

Usetooltips on products 

Ifyou want to be able to convey additional information about aproduct to studios, try adding an attribute of tooltip to theitem and enter text you want them to see pop-up when they mouse over theproduct in the Sizes palette.  This could be used to add remindersto look at mounting, sprays and other upsell options, to informcustomers if an item is Pager editable, or available quantity discounts.

ImageNames Can Be Linked Into Text Nodes

Youcan use Linknodes in a composite product to create a text entry of an imagename into a text node upon adding the image to the matching image node. For example, a 6 up proof sheet starting with node id/u_id of 10000 forthe first image node and node id/u_id of 10006 as the first text node youwould add Linknodes to the product for each pair of nodes to connect and enterthe u_id's as 10000,10006 in the field provided.  If the nodes do not haveu_id's, simply highlight all of the nodes in the product, then right-click andselect Copy node id to u_id.  Rememberwhen using Linknodes that all nodes in the product must have u_id's assigned

Attribute withLinknodes: stripextension

Whenused on a text node that has been linked to an image node node viaLinknodes, the file name appearing in the image node will be listedwithout the file extension. Remember when using Linknodes that all nodesin the product must have u_id's assigned

Linknodesupdate: Linking text nodes 

You canuse Linknodes to duplicate text entered in one node to another textnode(s).  This can be handy for trader cards where a player name, team oryear may be entered more than once, especially when displaying the front andback of the card as one item via a DP2 Package.  Remember when usingLinknodes that all nodes in the product must have u_id's assigned.