ROPack Order Utility

The ROES ROPack Order Utility allows you to unpack and repack ROES .ro order files to allow for adjusting or replacing files in the order, including images and order data. To begin, launch the utility via and the ROPack window will open (a desktop icon will be created/prompted for creation). Enter your ROES order file password in the field provided and choose from the drop down menu at top to either Expand Immediately or Open in Editor. Drag and drop a ROES .ro order file onto the center of the ROPack window to unpack it to a folder container in the same directory. After a delay (longer for larger orders) an alert will appear that the order has finished unpacking.

After making the necessary edits, such as changing a value in the order pof or xml files, rename the file (perhaps add 'orig_' to the front), then drag and drop the folder container the order unpacked into onto the ROPack window to make a new .ro file of the same name. The newly created .ro can now be run through your ROES Server to process as a new order.