2016 RUG Presentation PDF’s and Supporting Files



RUG Keynote – Presentation


ROES New Features – Presentation


ROES PayPal Setup – Document


RTP SSL Setup – Document




ROES Modules:

Events - Presentation

Designer - Presentation

Packages - Presentation


Basic Troubleshooting - Presentation

Advanced Troubleshooting - Presentation



PromoCode Manager:

Promo Code Manager – Presentation

Promo Code Manager - Presentation focusing on data import


Template Tool:

Template Tool v9 Features - Presentation

RUG 2016 Example File – RUG2016.enc   Password is 3152511244



ROES Server Track:

Set Up & Database - Presentation

Basic Reports - Presentation, Reports Zip

Workflows - Presentation

Color Correction - Presentation

Driving Your Printers - Presentation

Advanced Reports – Presentation, Sample Files Zip

Customizing with Scripts – Presentation   Script Examples   Scripting Guide

Connecting To The Outside World – Report and Script Examples

ROES DP2 Agent – Presentation


Open ROES Bridge - Presentation



ROES Mobile & Turnkey - Presentation



ROES Resources – http://www.roes-u.com/