ROES Server Color Correction

The ROES Server has a built-in, feature rich, color correction ui. It may be used for all types of image color correction with several image adjustment controls and was designed to color correct most order types your lab may receive. Designed for use in a workflow and may be used to present orders in a FIFO (First In, First Out) method. You may call up orders randomly, entering a specific order number or select from a right click contextual menu in the 'Orders' pane. You may use the computers keyboard or attach an external keyboard. Softworks has an Android app that presents correction controls as a thumbwheel. You may configure the screen to show one image or change to a lightable mode and view multiple images. A standard reference image or an image from the order being worked on may be used to guide the color correction of the images.

**The ROES Color Correction UI is activated by checking the 'Show Color Correction Tab' box in the Users section.
Use the gear in the upper right of corner of the ROES Server UI to access the User pane.**

Documentation version 4.2,2016/03.